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Horsham, West Sussex

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A roof-top garden landscaping project

The original developer had neglected the roof-top garden which had become overgrown and needed a lot of maintenance, re-organisaton and re-planting. Plants by Design were only to happy to take the roof-top landscaping project as this fits well within our existing portfolio of skills, knowledge and experience.

We have worked with the building manager on many other sites in London and the South of England for over a decade. She was keen for Plants by Design to be involved to get the roof-top garden looking lovely once again.

The roof-top office garden is a great outdoor space for lunchtime, breaks, rest and relaxation and will also provide a great space for entertainment and presentations.

In central London there are fewer and fewer spaces available for wildlife and roof gardens like this allow for indigenous plants and encourage wildlife like bees and butterflies.

“The root-top garden provides such a wonderful place to escape.”